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This club supports you in living your life to the full:

Dr Nelis R. Soul is a British hygiene-expert and therapist-consultant born in 1963, now permanently living in Heidelberg. Originally he was a proctologist by profession, specialising in epidermal ailments. Today he is the executive president of this self-help club which he founded in 1996 to treat pathological illnesses. Since then, he built a trustworthy and regionally-wide reputation, attracting hundreds of international clients from about 100 km radius by focusing on relieving their built-up sensual frustrations and offering world-renowned genital care. This salon is proud to provide a genuine, clean & safe service with guaranteed anonymity, discretion & a high-standard of hygiene.

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69181 Heidelberg


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Nelis R. Soul

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VolksBank GmbH

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42 569 673 087

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40 11 153


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24 hours/day; with prior appointment only

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Live Your Life To The Full

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June 1996

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