The Comprehensive Crotch Gratification Studio
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A self-help community wishing to live their lives to the full

The ManScaping studio connects selected volunteers who share a common fetish. Club members can come here together safely & impartially to practice their sexual fetish and fulfil their mutually fantasies.

This clinic allows a carefully selected group of adult males to exercise their care-free physical stimulus and achieve their erotic desires in a trustworthy, discreet & relaxed environment. To this end, our institution can offer you a comprehensive crotch care service devoted to the following basic principles:

    Intensify Orgasms:

We provide essential hair grooming for venturous metro-sexual men, seeking a unique identity through aesthetic trimming and careful maintenance of all excessive body hair surrounding their intimate region. This will feed your thirst & calm your itch.

    Penetration Augmentation:

We offer a prostate massage for daring men willing to experience a stimulating anal treatment guaranteed to climax in an orgasm without even touching their genitals. This demonstrate an alternative way to quench your sexual urges.

    Behavioral Alinement:

We provide corrective education for any slave seeking submissive sexual training which involves erotic punishment whenever given orders are refused and gratifying sexual rewards whenever his master's instructions are all obeyed. This can lead to a hightened sexual experience.

    Prolong Foreplay:

We offer unrecognizable photographing for discreet men who would like intimate close-up pictures of their crotches to be taken anonymously to protect their individual identity from being recognised. This is designed to retard orgasm and delay ejaculation.

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