The Comprehensive Crotch Gratification Studio
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The services we offer are designed with the guidance of a renowned behavioural psychologist and are tailored to address directly our customers individual erotic fetishes. Many of them find a variation or combination of the following ideal offerings to be sexually rewarding.
Whether you plan to attend a swinging session or wish to impress your partner on a special occasion, you must appear smart, clean and well shaven. First impressions always last. So remember to shower, clean your teeth, ears & nail, brush your hair, clean your pelage & trim your body hair tidily. You are not expected to shave your genitals totally bald, but instead it's enough to present your body hair odourless, neatly groomed & cropped. If the pubic hair appears curly or wavy, then that's an indication that it's too long! We will be pleased to assist you by advising you and trimming your groin.

We specialize in offering different prostate massages all culminating in the ultimate orgasm. During our sensuous massage of your genitals, we will sensually vitalise your body & mind before summoning & releasing your sexual energy.  Such a gentle, relaxing experience can be considered as a method of foreplay or mechanism to delay ejaculation or prolong the act of intercourse. The techniques we excel in for loosening suppressed tension include:



For those pleading to become obedient slaves, we gladly offer lessons in submissiveness & discipline where clients are subjected to corrective education and erotic bondage. This service is targeted exclusively to our passive, subservient clients yearning to learn to perform as devoted sex-toys. Here cooperation is rewarded with exciting pleasure & obstinacy is penalized by masochistic pain, whipping therapy or blind-folded bondage. Either way, it's purely erotic gain all round - insemination guaranteed! We organize role-playing sessions like Dr/Patient games or Captain/Sergeant scenarios to instruct & train our students accordingly. Advanced students might receive watersports activities or electro-stimulating shocks specifically designed to induce ejaculation. We are highly-skilled experts at creating well-behaved slaves or complacent soldiers for the enjoyable treatment of domineering masters. Our graduates are only released when they successfully demonstrate full compliance + total submission to their sexual abuser.



For discreet men who would like intimate close-up images of their naked body to be taken with complete caution to protect their individual identity ever from being recognised. We are highly skilled at taking photos of our client's genitals where it is impossible to identify the individual. Because we value the importance of discretion but understand the need for crotch photos, we can take sexual pictures which ensure your privacy, by hiding your identity and guaranteeing anonymity.