The Comprehensive Crotch Gratification Studio
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Here are the most frequent questions we handled in the past.

Is this activity safe from STDs or any other viruses?
Where does this service take place?
Who actually performs these services?
Are there any hidden cameras or spying monitors inside the clinic?
What private information is permanently stored about the clients?
Why do you positively discriminate in favour of uncircumcised men?
How do you reconcile your policies on hairlessness against your principles on naturalism?
How do you distinguish your service from others on the market?
Which body areas do you focus on shaving?
On what basis do you set your fees?
How do your prices compare to other clinics offering an equivalent service?
What if I spontaneously need your services at short notice?
What if I ejaculate involuntarily during the session?
Anal poking sounds curiously erotic, but I am worried that it could be painful?
Could you focus your attention on my nipples too because that zone is equally erogenous as my dick?
What if I require further issues to be clarified?