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Hair Grooming

Do you want to remove excessive body hair?
Despite widespread belief that a dishevelled coiffure is trendy or attractive, this opinion does not apply to inguinal hair! On the contrary, it is very common nowadays for venturous men to fashionably trim the hair in their groin region. This is not only important for metrosexual people who are meticulous about their appearance and value their displayed physique, but it's also a necessary routine and a regular part of every one's personal hygiene.

Why should men trim their pubic or anal hair?
If you are invited to a swinging session, you must arrive smart, clean shaven & punctually. So remember to wash your pelage & trim your body hair tidily. You are not expected to shave your genitals totally bald but instead it's enough to present your body hair odourless, neatly groomed & cropped. If your pubic hair appears curly or wavy, then this is an indication that it's too long!

Our goal is to help you arrange and order your pubic hair (especially the unreachable parts around the anus and your perineum) in a neat and tasteful style. We do not encourage total baldness. However there are many reasons why the male population in today's modern society prefers to keep their pubic hair elegantly managed and under control. This attitude is gaining popularity for the several fundamental reasons:
  • pruning the bushes makes the tree look taller
  • both the tidiness & cleanliness of your genitals serve to increase sanitation & hygiene in general
  • in preparation for taking some sharp photos of your genitals soon
  • to get noticed first next time you visit the sauna or at an upcoming orgy event & prove that you are fashion savvy
  • to impress your sexual partners with your hygiene concerns & stylish efforts
  • as an act to induce sexual arousal as part of any foreplay exercise
  • to play a valentine day's joke on your partner, or comically surprise someone on a special occasion maybe as part of a fun birthday gag

Do you need assistance trimming your pubic or anal hair?
In today's culture, scrupulous men everywhere are conscientious about their image and are grooming their pubic hair. In addition, there could be many social occasions where you need to impress your sexual partners with a nicely presentable groin including a public sauna or a swinging party. Often this service is offered to a partner as a voucher for a special occasion or a delightful treat for example a birthday surprise or a valentine gift.

Do you find it difficult to reach some private areas?
Many women prefer clean-shaven male partners. To this end, several men consider it vital to trim, clip and style their body hair. However often these men simply can not see some hard-to-reach places, making the shaving process of these parts hazardous. So we are pleased to conveniently lend a hand!