The Comprehensive Crotch Gratification Studio
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Prostate Massage

Looking for a sensuous relaxing experience?
For daring men willing to experience a stimulating anal massage guaranteed to climax in an orgasm without even touching their genitals.

Anal Stretching:
Anal stretching involves manually widening the aperture of the rectum to a diameter roughly equal to the width of one's fist in order to expose the gaping internal anus for photographing, probing or penetration purposes. Anal stretching is practiced to train relaxation of the rectal muscles and to facilitate various forms of receptive anal insertions. This painless exercise has gradually gained notoriety due to the pleasurable rewards it reaps.

Clients can expect fingering, licking, wetting, lubricating & poking of their cavity with tongue, fingers & dildos...

Happy Ending:
We guarentee that your experience will end with an exstatic climax even without us touching your dick! You don't take our word for it? Then here are some loyal club members who recorded their personal massage as testimony this is really possible: